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  • Going to the dentist is a daunting affair for many. But it cannot take away from the importance of having a dentist on call to ensure proper and regular dental care to avoid unpleasant situations like tooth abscesses and losing teeth in adulthood. Here's a short guide on how to go about finding a good dentist in your area.  

    1.      Referrals

    Ask around to your friends and family to see which dentists are highly recommended. Your general physician could also help you find a trusted dentist. In the event of moving to a new area, get in touch with the local hospital, or with your insurance provider to get recommendations. If you are moving to another country, get in touch with the people who are bound to have the best dentist around – the Consulate.  

    2.      Logistic planning

    Accessibility is a factor to be considered. If the best dentist is in the next town, they will be of no use to you. Ergo, look for dentists in your close surroundings. Additionally, get an idea of their clinic hours to check how they fit into your schedule. While checking for the right dentist, also ensure that they have good experience treating children as well for your little ones.

    3.      Call them up

    A read through the Yellow Pages will give you a list of dentists in the area. Shortlist some with a little logistic planning and call them up to get a clearer idea. The way the receptionist answers the call and their degree of professionalism will go a long way as far as your comfort there is concerned.  

    4.      Interview

    Choosing the right dentist is an important decision, so try meeting a few possible options before finalizing your decision. Their interaction with you will be reflective of how comfortable you will be with that particular dentist. If there is any service they cannot offer you, ask them to refer you to someone who can.

    5.      Costs and background check

    Good dentists are not cheap; if you find someone who offers significantly less expensive services than the rest, chances are they're cutting corners on their practice, which is typically expensive, to save money. Also, make sure that you do a background check on the dentists via the State Dental Board to clarify their credentials.  

    6.      Don't put it off

    Poor dental hygiene can eventually even rob you of your smile and your confidence, not to mention the substantial effects such as halitosis or poisoning. No matter how scary going to the dentist seems, make sure that you follow through for your own and your family's health.  ...

  • Dentists are around to assist you with your dental health, but not to do it for you. It is on you to take their advice and follow the right steps and tricks to ensure proper dental hygiene. Here are some tips to help you care for your teeth and mouth.  

    1.      More than teeth

    Dentists are not doctors of just teeth. They have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to give you proper oral care which includes care of your gums and even correcting jaw problems and detecting oral cancer. Just as you have regular check-ups with your general physician, regular visits to the dentists will keep your complete oral health in check.

    2.      The right way to use toothpaste

    Although toothpaste basically appears to be soap for the teeth, the right way to use it is slightly different. Toothpaste is a topical agent, not unlike lotion – the longer it sits, the more effect it will have. After brushing and spitting out the foam, wait for half an hour before rinsing so that the toothpaste can take maximum effect.  

    3.      Don't floss to fool

    Your dentist is qualified to recognize the guilty last-minute flossing you do before a visit to the clinic. Don't bother doing this as it is more likely to hurt your gums than help them. Looking at your gums, a dentist will be able to tell whether or not you floss regularly. Oral care should be ongoing care using the right technique, and commitment.  

    4.      Be cautious about your medication

    Cavities are not just a high-school dread; tooth decay is a threat that can follow into adulthood. Some medication such as those taken for blood pressure, or anti-anxiety medication, will affect your oral health – they reduce salivary flow which could lead to decay. Make sure that you let your dentist know what medications you are on.  

    5.      Looks aren't everything

    Having a pretty smile is not an excuse to avoid dentist's visits. Diseases hide away and sometimes affect your gum causing them to recede, which in turn can do the same to your bones and create a lot of hassle. No matter how beautiful your smile is, get regular check-ups to keep track of your oral health. healthy teeth  

    6.      Good dental habits help your heart

    According to scientists, the same bacteria that give you teeth decay are also involved in heart health problems. An infection in the gums could result in the bacteria being carried everywhere through the bloodstream, raising inflammation levels. This goes to show how important oral health care is to your overall well-being.  ...